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Wide-Range Single-Phase Metering Module

Main features

1K6 chip dedicated with professional metering algorithm to achieve the 6000:1 measurement dynamic

2100 times the ultra-wide range, measurement range: 0.02A ~ 120A

3Module is small (3cm * 3cm), directly table attached to the printed circuit board

4Active energy pulse direction output for active energy

5SPI digital interface provides transient voltage, current, active power, frequency measurement data

6High-speed digitized calibrated meter, high production efficiency

Main Indicators

1, The basic current Ib: 1A

2, The maximum current Imax: 100A

3, Measurement range: 2% Ib ~ 1.2Imax 0.02A ~ 120A

4, Measurement accuracy: 1.0S, 0.5S

5, The start-up current: 0.2%Ib

6, Anti-latent current: 0.04%Ib

7, The smallest accurate measurement of power: 4.4VA

8, The minimum measurement power: 0.44VA

9, The dynamic range: 6000:1

10, Power consumption: 3.0mA 3.3V

Models, options, accessories

Wide-Range single-phase metering module


Click Download : Introduction     Using the K6 development wide-range power meter

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