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T4-Type LED Electrical Test System

Main features

        1, Can set test parameters: input voltage selectable,
                                   output load impedance selectable,
                                   output current / voltage qualified range,
                                   electrical efficiency limits,
                                   power factor limit.

       2, the nonlinear load LED characteristics can be described.

       3, The electrical quality of automatically Filter, classification.

       4, Single electrical test Surported also test multiple electrical.

       5, test results can be exported to Excel report.

Main Indicators

        1, Selectable input AC voltage : 80VAC, 110VAC, 140VAC, 170VAC, 200VAC, 230VAC, 260VAC.

        2, Selectable output of non-linear load : 2 ~ 85VDC voltage, current 0 ~ 2000mA.

        3, Voltage measurement: range 0.5 ~ 300V, resolution 0.01V, accuracy (0.2% of reading +0.1V).

        4, Current measurement: range 0.5mA ~ 4A, Resolution 0.01mA, accuracy (0.2% of reading +0.02mA).

        5, Power measurement: range the 0.1W ~ 1.2kW, resolution 0.001W, accuracy (0.2% of reading +0.02W).

        6, Power Factor: Resolution 0.0001, accuracy of 0.002.

        7, Conversion efficiency of 0.01%: Resolution, accuracy 0.1%.


        LED the electrical development process in the prototype testing, the LED electrical production process quality control.

Models, options, accessories


Click Download : T4 test system software    

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