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T1-Type AC and DC Voltage and Current Power Meter

Main features

        1, AC, DC, Free switch.

        2, Large-screen LCD with backlight, with the screen displays the voltage, current, power, power factor(ripple coefficient).

        3, Simple to use, small size, light weight, suitable for laboratory and production workshop.

        4, High reliability, can resist the impact on the grid and lightning surge can be long-term continuous operation in harsh environments.

        5, Optional RS485 communication, computer analysis software can display the voltage and currentwaveforms, analysis of voltage and current harmonics (21).

        6, The service life of 10 years, 3 years warranty.

Main Indicators

        1, Voltage rms: 0.5 ~ 300V (0.2% of reading +0.1 V)

        2, Current rms: 0.5mA ~ 4A  (0.2% of reading +0.02 mA)

        3, Active power: 0.1W to 1.2kW (0.2% of reading +0.02 W)

        4, Power factor (AC): 0.002

        5, The ripple coefficient (DC): 0.5%

        6, The harmonic content (AC): 0.5%

Scope of application

        Electrical performance testing of electronic equipment, especially suitable for use as the LED driver, constant current power supply, constant voltage power supply, product development instrument, production testing tools

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