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The South Network Single-Phase Remote Fee Control Meter

Main features

1, Meter technical standards in meet the with China Southern Power Grid.

2, All-electronic design, built-in metering chip, high-precision, high-sensitivity, high reliability.

3, Display data in a comprehensive, clear, accurate data recording and reliable.

4, Using the most optimized design, low power consumption.

5, China Southern Power Grid smart meter structure, small size, light weight, easy to install.

Main Indicators

1, Level: 1.0

2, Rated voltage of 220V

3, The standard (maximum) Current 1.5(6)A; 5(30)A; 10(60)A, 20(80)A

4, Power consumption voltage lines 1.5W/6VA

5, The power consumption of current line 1VA

6, Operating Temperature -25 ~ 60

7, Extreme operating temperature -35 ~ 65

8, Relative humidity 85%

9, The operating voltage range: 70%Un ~ 130%Un

10, The reference frequency 50Hz

11 Start-up current 0.004Ib

12, The clock error 0.5s / d (25)

13, The net weight of about 1kg

14, Dimensions: 160mm 112mm 71mm

Models, options, accessories

Main purpose

    For new or modified urban residential area and rural single-phase electricity user timesharing energy metering, particularly suitable for civilian long-life, maintenance-free operation requirements, can guide the user to optimize the power consumption, improve the efficiency of energy use, to promote demand-side management, preferred products to promote optimal allocation of power resources.



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