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        Shenzhen Ke Ruige Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is a research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprise. The company is focused on the research and development of the power industry, through continuous independent innovation, energy metering, electrical equipment, terminals and other fields, has a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, its technical level is at the forefront of the industry.

Company focused on the research and development of the power industry, a unique advantage in the field of energy meter has its own core technologies, especially in the direction of the wide range ammeter.

Advocated "people-oriented, meritocratic, attaches great importance to the training of personnel and construction. The company has brought together a group of professional and technical personnel in the field of power systems and automation, computer applications and communications technology, refinement and pragmatic, senior engineer with a level of industry experts and engineers, R & D personnel, all Bachelor degree or above, in addition to a blend of rich experience and established talents in business management. Platform humane excellence, innovation, and a rich professional knowledge and experience vibrant team.

Promoting independent innovation, forming a series of self-developed products and core technologies in energy metering, energy meter direction, we have developed a single-phase wide-range electric meter, single-phase wide-range pre-paid meters, ultra-wide range of single-phase electronic energy meter and a series of products; in the core technology, we have a super-wide range of energy metering core algorithm (K6 Engine); technical superiority and innovative spirit makes the technical level of the company a unique advantage in the same industry.

The company attaches great importance to cooperation with foreign countries, and has worked closely with Testing Technology Research Institute, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, China National Electric Power Research Institute and other research institutions and companies, increased product promotion efforts and expand the range of applications of the product products are widely used in electricity metering departments, research institutes, as well as power products production enterprises.

We adhere to the "to the needs of the user-oriented", while advocating the concept should be "environmentally friendly, green, energy-saving" the times, pioneering spirit; more faith to provide customers with the best products and services as its mission, constantly improve service quality and service to meet the needs of consumers and government departments.

Of course, we can not develop without the support of the community, we warmly welcomes the vast number of users at home and abroad, agents, investors and our sincere cooperation and common development.

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