Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Interviewing an artist about the road of life, its difficulties, experiences and such a life's rewards.

Proudly presenting our first guest post . Mario Knoll works as an artist, therefore he knows how it feels to suffer setbacks ;)

Foto by Petra Mittasch

I am an Artist. And how does this feel?
A Stony, long-winded, twisted road, spiraling down to the ground into the darkness of dubiety
torturing me with the whips of reality. And then back to the warm light. Luckily, back to the sun.
A emotional roller-coaster without the ability to brake once.

What were difficulties on the way?
So … hardly believable but just the same as the road of anybody blocked with related difficulties.
And the worst of all the difficulties were created by myself. Second should be named the same old
song about money. But difficulties are nothing more then the line between the Is and the Should Be.
And therefore there are no real difficulties. They are nothing more than opportunities on the road of
expansion to gain experience.
And there's experience in every moment. You can hardly hide yourself. Reflection and awareness
are powerful instruments that accompany human life. Without them you won't face a chance for
learning to walk or to speak.
Some say: 'Seeing the world with different eyes is an ability of an artist'.
According to this we all are artists. Without this ability there would be stagnancy and cessation. To
move on is no question of learning but of an evolutionary based impulse.

Foto by www.kunstbarkeiten.at

Anyway, back to the question: What have I learned on my ways?
I have learned to cook pancakes with self made flour.
Seen in this light its nothing new, but better ingredients. And maybe that is the one thing I have
learned: Don't salt the truth but season your road with good spices!

And when I ask myself if it pays off?
Well, I have to answer impolitely with this new question:
Isn't it already answered?

Mario Knoll is a Styrian artist - you can find his work under http://www.dereisenkopf.at/

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